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Tails of Equestria Launch Date Announced, Pre-Orders Open

*party cannon*
We're less than a month away from being able to take on Ursa Majors, Timberwolves, and Changelings (before they go good, of course). River Horse has announced March 14th as the official release date for the Tails of Equestria main rule book.
*party cannon*

From the announcement:

Tails of Equestria is coming to life and coming to stores near you! Scheduled for release on the 14th of March, make sure to contact your local gaming stores to secure your copy!

If you haven't been keeping up with pony news it is my great pleasure to tell you a little about Tails and answer some of the most common questions.

What is this book?
I'm going to assume you know a little about My Little Pony, perhaps you are a fan of the show or maybe you collected the original toys when you were younger. This book is a manual for a storytelling game that allows you and your friends to explore the amazing and magical world of Equestria – Will you be a dynamic adventurer like Derring Do or a stylish diva like Rarity? Tails of Equestria allows you to create, name and play as your very own pony character to solve puzzles and explore dungeons, there may even be some dragons!

Wait, wait, wait, you said this is a game, but this is clearly a book!
You’re right, but it’s actually a book and a game. This book contains rules and a story. Rules that will tell you how to make a strong, clever or charming pony. A story that you and your friends will delve into, where the choices you make will change the story itself until you are telling the story as much as the book or the GM.

GM… what is that?
A GM (Game Master) is a player at the table, but instead of playing as a pony he or she will play as a storyteller, impersonating all of the ponies you meet, the beasts you face and challenges you face. Think of the GM as a narrator in a movie, it is their job to tell the players exactly what is happening in the story and what the outcomes of their actions are depending on the results they roll on their dice.

Cool! How do I win?
Winning a storytelling game is very easy, you just need to have fun. Tails of Equestria is not about getting to the end of a board or having the most points but about having fantastical adventures along the way and using the magic of Friendship to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. As a group. You and your friends, including the GM, are all on the same team – as long as everypony is having fun, everybody wins!
So open up Tails of Equestria and be prepared to enter a world of magic and friendship.

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