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Terragnosis webstore now taking pre-orders for Ruination Mommet

Terragnosis has started taking pre-orders for their Ruination figures from their successful Kickstarter event. First up is Mommet.

From the announcement:

Terragnosis have revealed the next figure which can be pre-ordered from their on-line store - its Mommet!

This blood-soaked creature cannot remember a time before the killing and the chaos - but he is dimly aware that it has not always been like this. This bestial and tortured body was not always his - this lust for slaughter was not always there. In the beginning was a time of peace and beauty and gentleness, he is sure of that - but all that is left now is violence and hatred and rage at the forgetting. All that echoes inside the head of this creature is ’mommet’. Is this just a sound, or a word or is it perhaps his name. What it is - is the enraged battle-cry of this tortured creature as he crushes all that stand in his way!