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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Whether you're going out to a party or staying in, celebrate the holiday with some spooky-themed gaming. At least, that'd be my suggestion.

But how do you know what will and won't be a good game? You read a review, of course! And we've got a whole new batch for you here today.

They include: Blood Rage, The King is Dead, D&D Miniatures White Dracolich Miniature,Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432 Molle Army Bag, Apocalypse Chaos, Conflict of Heroes – Awakening the Bear Second Edition, Brother Vinni Minis, The Grizzled, Pandemic Legacy, Bright Future, Nautilus Industry, Warband Board Game, Stealing Mona Lisa, The Batman Miniatures Game, Isle of Trains, and Sneaky Cards.

Board Game Brawl:

Blood Rage Review

Nick review this viking-themed area control game from Cool Mini Or Not.

Blood Rage Mini-Expansion and Extras Review

Nick takes a look at the extra stuff Kickstarter backers received for Blood Rage from Cool Mini Or Not.

The Board Game Show:

The King is Dead Review

When a game promises “politics and power struggles in the dark Arthurian Britain” and only eight actions per player, per game, the money flies out of my wallet. The promise of simple game mechanics that belie a deeper, strategic experience are nearly always a major draw for me. The King is Dead delivers on these counts... Follow the link to read the full review of this offering from Osprey Publishing!

Graven Games:

D&D Miniatures White Dracolich Miniature


There are few things more terrifying than an undead dragon, and this is exactly what the most recent Dungeons and Dragons miniatures set brings us in the Rage of Demons Premium Figure – a gargantuan White Dracolich. We’ve already reviewed what you can expect to find in the rest of the Rage of Demons set, and it’s topped off by this impressive monster which is available separately to the standard boosters for around £33 (or $30-$40). Join us as we unbox this pre-painted beast from WizKids and take a closer look…

Battle Foam P.A.C.K 432 Molle Army Bag Review


Welcome to our review of the P.A.C.K 432 Molle Army Bag, our second review of the cases available from Battle Foam designed for safely storing and transporting wargaming miniatures. We’ve previously reviewed the P.A.C.K 720 and Battle Foam have kindly sent us its smaller brother the P.A.C.K 432 to test out. The bag itself is priced at £60 (or $77.99), and we have filled it with a set of foam trays specifically cut to fit Warhammer 40k Space Marine miniatures. This foam Space Marine Kit for the P.A.C.K. 432 is priced at £45.60 (or $56.99).

Play Board Games:

Apocalypse Chaos Review


Apocalypse Chaos is a cooperative board game. Can you save your spaceship from being destroyed by the swarming invaders that surround it?

Conflict of Heroes – Awakening the Bear Second Edition


Awakening the Bear was the first game in the Conflict of Heroes series. This review is about the 2nd edition of this game and what has changed.

Battle Brush Studios:

Brother Vinni Minis Review


In this in-depth review article Battle Brush Studio's Sigur takes a closer look at some of Brother Vinni's fantasy miniatures.

The Discriminating Gamer:

The Grizzled Review

Bullets, gas masks, and whistles, oh my! Cody takes a look at this cooperative game about life in the trenches from Cool Mini or Not!

Drive Thru Review:

Blood Rage Review

Board Game Quest:

Pandemic Legacy Review


When it comes to original board games on the market today, you’d be hard pressed to find an experience more unique than a Legacy game. Published in 2011, Risk: Legacy turned tabletop gaming on its head by bringing a game to the market that players physically altered over time. Players wrote on, ripped up, and otherwise defaced their game during play, and they loved it. Who would have thought!

Since then, gamers have been chomping at the bit for the next legacy game to tickle our imaginations. Well fret no more because Risk: Legacy designer Rob Daviau has teamed up with Matt Leacock, the designer of the perennial best seller Pandemic (review here). What these two industry veterans have brought us is Pandemic: Legacy. A game played over twelve months where players must fight off the infections plaguing humanity. Can you save a world that will literally never be the same. Lets find out!

Pandemic: Legacy is a cooperative, campaign style game for 2-4 players that takes about 45-60 minutes to play. Pandemic: Legacy plays well with any number of players.

Board to Death TV:

Bright Future Review

Bright Future is a card driven lite-RPG adventure.
It is situated in an intriguing and immersive world where our civilization was destroyed after an all-out nuclear war. During the past decades the few remaining survivors are living a harsh life underground.

Nautilus Industries Review

Nemo is gone, but his machines have opened a whole new world to us! The floors of Neptune’s seas lay open to us, ready to surrender their bounties. Equip and upgrade your mining machines, then guide them to the rich mineral seams beneath the ocean.Nautilus industries Control the supply of resources to bend the market to your will. Become the master of Nautilus Industries!

Warband Board Game Review

As a player in Warband: Against the Darkness, you control the warband armies of one of the great fantasy races of the Five Realms. Although the great races are currently working together in mutual defense, old habits and rivalries are hard to break and this isn’t in any way a co-operative game. It’s important that your kind emerges victorious from the war with more battle prestige and honor than your temporary and untrustworthy comrades. The player who collects the most Victory Points of one-upmanship for their race by the conclusion of the final battle against the Darkness – gained by advancing your soldiers in the warband, earning gold for your army captains, reconnoitering the combat fronts with your scouts, and defeating enemies on the battlefields – has achieved the greatest leadership glory and is declared the winner.

Warband: Against the Darkness is perfectly balanced in the design space between Euro and Ameri-style gameplay, combining strategic depth with an evocative fantasy theme and tense player conflict.

Stealing Mona Lisa Preview

Stealing Mona Lisa is a casual “card drafting” card game that is for ages 5 and older, for 3 to 7 (yes 7!) players, that plays in about half an hour. Our many play testers have found it to be easy to learn and lots of fun!

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Batman Miniatures Game Review

Batman Minis

The Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models (the only site it has is an official forum, astonishingly) is a small skirmish game which seeks to lovingly translate the universe of street level DC comics heroes and villains to the tabletop. You will form a gang of 4-10 miniatures and fight to both take out enemy models and score objectives. And you get to do this with Batman, the Joker, and dozens of other iconic characters.

Pandemic Legacy Review

OH MY GOODNESS! Pandemic Legacy is upon us, daring men and women the world over to command the Centre for Disease Control for one grisly year. What components lie in wait in the box's secret compartments? What will your story be?

Of course we had to provide you with the earliest possible review. You won't find a more heartfelt, spoiler-free analysis anywhere.


I Love Trains (A Review of Isle of Trains)

Isle of Trains

Isle of trains, published by Dice Hate Me games, is number 5 in their Rabbit card game line. At its heart, it’s a game of resource collection and hand management for 2-4 players. Each player is a train operator, collecting freight, building train sections, and loading cargo in order to complete delivery contracts. It’s about the size of a deck of playing cards (50 cards, 6 contract cards) and takes around 15 minutes to play once you’ve gotten the rules down for a 2 player game.

Sneaky Ninjas Spreading Fun and Joy (A Review of Sneaky Cards)

Sneaky Cards

If you’ve seen the movie “Pay It Forward,” you already have a pretty good idea of what Sneaky Cards is all about. The tagline for this game is “Play It Forward” and it’s similar in concept to the movie. The cards direct you to do nice things for others, engage with strangers, surprise people, and try things that you wouldn’t ordinarily try. After you complete your mission, you hope that others will continue your work by “Playing It Forward” and continuing the game. You are along for the ride in this interactive scavenger hunt that has you spreading joy, fun, and silliness throughout the world. If you’ve ever wanted to be a sneaky ninja of joy (kind of like Santa Claus, but without the reindeer), Sneaky Cards may be the game for you.