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The Black Ocean posts Combined Ship Stat Cards for Firestorm Armada 2.0

The Black Ocean updated their online resources with the combined ship stat cards for Firestorm Armada 2.0.


From the announcement:

It has been a arduous week for us here at The Black Ocean but we have a little something for you. The Combined Ship Stat Cards 2.0!

This document includes the statistics already released by Spartan Games and the Model Assigned Rules for those ships!

Please note that the Model Assigned Rules MAY be from some of the earlier versions of the rules and should be treated as such! As we get newer versions we will update this document. (You should read that as: Don't freak out!)

The folks at Spartan and the Spartan Community Beta Test Group have spent hundred of hours developing this for you. The Black Ocean has done its best to faithfully reproduce that incredible body of work here. But if you find any mistakes please let us know and we will correct those. I will post in this thread when a update occurs (there may be quite a few at first).

I would like to personally thank the Beta Test group also, Not just for the work they have done on version 2.0 but for also helping us proofread this document.

The Black Ocean has done its first updates on its site for 2.0. Be sure to check it out! There is more to come!