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The Black Ocean releases Firestorm Armada Data Files 1.0 for Army Builder

The Black Ocean helps you make your Firestorm Armada fleets with their Army Builder data files version 1.0.

The Black Ocean is pleased to announce that we have built data files which can be used in Army Builder from Lone Wolf Development. With these data files a Firestorm Armada player can make fleet lists for casual play or tournaments. The 1.0 version encompasses every rule and ships so the player can concentrate on building the best fleet to crush his opponent.

Within these files you will find every ship for the core fleets (Aquan, Terran, Sorylian, Dindrenzi, Directorate, and the Relthoza), Alliance fleets (Alliance of Kurak and the Zenian League), Rogue Factions (Oroshan) and Civilian fleets. All current ship types are represented including the new mark 2 ships, destroyers and even asteroid stations.

Admirals and captains will be able to create pure Core Fleets (Aquan, Terran, Sorylian, Dindrenzi, Directorate, and the Relthoza), various Alliance Fleets that can contain ships from two or more other fleets and Support Fleets that have ships from only the Zenian league or the Alliance of Kurak. In addition the Pirate Factions (Brethren of the Belt and Marauders) can be used within Core Fleets, Alliance Fleets or as stand-alone fleets.

All Model Assigned Rules are clearly and concisely presented on the printed out, html or pdf lists as are Tactics Points, Escort rules, ship specific rules, and Local Wings. All validation is handled by the program so no more wondering if you can add that dreadnought or not. You build the list, it will be legal.

As a special feature the Black Ocean and Alexmann have added player made ships to the data files. These ships, submitted by the great Firestorm fans on the Spartan Games Community, have been checked and included for your playing pleasure. Play a game with classes of ships not yet explored! These ships will be updated periodically so submit yours today on the Spartan Games Community thread.

So open Army Builder today and download our FREE file from the update button within the program. If you do not have Army Builder you can buy and download it from here.