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The King's Guild Coming to Kickstarter

The king of Greycastle is dying. Unlike many kingdoms, the next person to take the throne is not chosen through heredity. Instead, the various guilds get together and determine who among them has led their guild to become the most prestigious. That guild's leader will be the next to take the throne. As such, the various leaders are always working to improve their guild by creating equipment, gaining treasure, and upgrading buildings. That's the story behind The King's Guild, a new board game that's coming to Kickstarter in August.

About the game:

Centuries ago, the kingdom of Greycastle was founded through a pact between the great guild leaders of the realm. Under the pact, only a guild can rule the kingdom, and only a guild leader may claim the throne.

Now, with the king on his deathbed, the Council of the Wise will convene. As one of the guild leaders of Greycastle, you must prove your guild’s prestige so you can take the crown and claim your rightful place as the King’s Guild.

The King’s Guild is a new strategy board game where 2-5 players compete to establish the most renowned guild. Lead your guild to prosperity by crafting powerful equipment, sending heroes on quests to earn treasure, and upgrading your guild with unique characters and rooms.

Each turn, choose one action to improve your guild:
• Gather resources to supply your warehouse
• Craft powerful equipment to send heroes on quests
• Upgrade your guild by hiring unique specialists and building new rooms

You'll earn prestige for your quests, specialists, rooms, and treasures you've collected. When the king passes on and the council arrives, will your guild rise above the rest? The leader with the most prestige will ascend to the throne, and earn the title of the King’s Guild!

You can expect to see the game on Kickstarter on August 22nd.