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The Shipwreck Arcana Coming to Kickstarter

Are humans set along a predetermined course that we must walk until the very end? Or can others enter our lives and alter our destiny? Well, in The Shipwreck Arcana, you and and the other players will be looking to figure out one-another's fate in order to avoid a watery grave. The one trick? You can't just tell people what your fate is. They have to figure out it for themselves. The game is coming to Kickstarter next month.

From the announcement:

Trapped in a drowned world, you and your allies are doomed -- or are you? Using a mystical deck and a healthy dose of logic, you can predict each others' fates and escape unscathed.

The Shipwreck Arcana is a compact, co-operative game of deduction, evaluation, and logic, combining simple, speedy play with brain-burning strategy. Players take turns playing tokens according to rules found on an ever-changing tableau of cards, in order to convey information to the rest of the group. The game is impossible for any one player to dominate, as the active player cannot communicate during their turn. Other players are free to discuss strategy, making the game very accessible to any mix of newcomers and veteran players.

The game will be available on Kickstarter for $15, with $1 shipping to the US, Canada, and EU.

Number of players: 2-5
Time required: 30 min
Recommended ages: 10+