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The Spring Sale Returns To Tin Man

Tin Man Miniatures is happy to be bringing back their annual spring sale. You can get all the springs you want from their shop with *gets handed a note* *reads the note* ... Oh, an update, Tin Man Miniatures does not sell springs. They are, however, bringing back their sale where you can get 35% off your order, in honor of Spring. Go check out what they've got to offer and get yourself some minis for cheaper than usual.

From the announcement:

After putting it off last year to fulfill our Kickstarter obligations, our annual 35% Off Spring Sale is returning.
Thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we were able to add thirteen new figures, be sure to check them out.
The sale will start at 6:00PM EDT on Sunday, March 29 and will last until 6:00PM EDT on Sunday, April 12.