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Thursday Terrain Corner

We're working ourselves down the hill of the week and starting to gain speed. Thursday's here and that means it's time to try and get your tables looking as good as they possibly can.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New Scenic Terrain Pieces From Antimatter Games, New Iron Fence From Puppets War, Free Harn Map Available, and Manorhouse Workshop Forgotten Halls : first glance behind the scenes.

New Scenic Terrain Pieces From Antimatter Games

Some new scenic terrain pieces have been added to the store for ShadowSea and DeepWars, including multiple types of giant mushrooms, jagged crystal outcroppings and highly detailed Treasure Tokens full of gold coins and artifacts. In addition, the new miniatures for the Draconid Legion for ShadowSea are available for order.

New Iron Fence From Puppets War

Iron Fence

Set contains 7 resin pieces of iron fence and double gate. Parts are designed to fit 28mm "heroic" tabletop wargames scale, (max 35mm height, longer parts are 115mm long), supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed and sculpted by Puppetswar art team.

Free Harn Map Available


The original Hârn map, drawn by N. Robin Crossby and first printed in 1983, is one of the most beautiful fantasy maps ever created. It is 22 x 34 inches with colorful terrain and dotted with hundreds of castles, cities, and other points of interest.

HârnWorld is a gaming environment suitable for any role-playing game system.

The Hârn Map is available as a free PDF from Columbia Games for a limited time. This edition includes a cultural map and details on the reverse side

Manorhouse Workshop Forgotten Halls : first glance behind the scenes

Hello everybody.
It’s time to show some drawings to give you a first taste about the project.
Forgotten Halls will immerge you in a daedalus of rooms, corridors, and accessories so realistic that you will forget to be looking at a gaming accessory.
Our new idea gives birth to modular walls and columns, with invisible inserts, which blend all together seamlessly, creating an exciting and bewildering overall result.
Here is for you a drawing which shows how columns and walls interact and fit in each other.

Notice also the cover add-on which is added to complete the whole.
Once assembled, here is the final result.

You can also look at the CAD drawings made by Michele Bottalico, which shows the real measurements (in millimeters) of our pieces.

We are just at the beginning, soon we will show you the stairs and the floors, all important and key parts of Forgotten Halls!