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Thursday Terrain Corner

The work week continues on. As we make our way towards the weekend, the mind turns to gaming (at least, mind does). And seeing as much of the time, that gaming takes the form of a minis game or an RPG, it also means I'm thinking about terrain. You want your tables to look good, right? Right! So let's help with that.

In today's Terrain Corner we have: New releases from Terrakami Games, New Badlands Terrain From Angry Mojo Games, Dragonlock 2: Fantasy Village Terrain Up On Kickstarter, and Dust Town: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available.

New releases from Terrakami Games

New items available in our web store!

-Com Dish, with a mobile antenna of 25cm in diameter
-SciFi Walls, that can be deployed as an 20cm objective room
-3 new container models. Including SciFi, Gothic and a new low cost version.

New Badlands Terrain From Angry Mojo Games

It’s been a while, crazy how things get when people who run conventions find out you do wholesale pricing for them. New releases are finally up. Who needs rock formations? Everybody needs rock formations! This laser-cut MDF set will give you all the jagged rocks you need.

Dragonlock 2: Fantasy Village Terrain Up On Kickstarter


Fat Dragon Games has launched their newest 3D printer terrain series DRAGONLOCK™ 2 on Kickstarter. DRAGONLOCK™ allows users to create their own building layouts and designs, and all pieces disassemble quickly and easily for convenient storage. Fat Dragon Games has been in tabletop terrain business for eleven years, and has successfully delivered seven previous Kickstarter projects, including their previous DRAGONLOCK™ Kickstarter that raised over $104,000.00.

Dust Town: Pwork Wargames Fantasy Gaming Mat Now Available


The Game Mat Dust Town is a PVC or CLOTH made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargames, in size 4x6’ (122x183cm), 4x4’ (122x122cm), 3x3’ (92x92cm), 3x6' (92x183cm), representing the remains of a small town, now covered with a layer of dust, debris and weeds.
The Wargame Mat Dust Town offers the possibility of setting battles between armies of miniatures on a desolate landscape, where the bare earth alternates with what remains of an urban pavement. The mat is a perfect fantasy setting for skirmish or large armies game play, and also ideal for historical and sci-fi settings! Are you ready to battle?