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Thursday Terrain Corner

So, not tabletop gaming related, but as a Chicago native, waking up this morning to hear the Cubs won the World Series was pretty awesome, even though I've not followed baseball for quite a long time.
Too bad we don't have MLB Showdown or that MLB Clix game around anymore.
Anyway, that aside, let's talk about making sure your gaming tabletop looks as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: 15% Off All Sarissa Single Terrain Pieces At Warlord Games, New Releases From ESLO: 3D Game Elements for Boardgames, Dicey Ventures Running Earth Brewery Kickstarter, New Snowfields Dropfleet Commander Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio, and Tabletop World Posts Watermill Sneak Peek.

15% Off All Sarissa Single Terrain Pieces At Warlord Games


Roll up, roll up and get you battlefields ready for tournament season!

Here at Warlord we’ve been working closely with our great friends at Sarissa Precision to develop our now huge range of scenics, catering for every historical and sci-fi battlefield. To celebrate we are giving you the chance to build your battlefields and army displays with a huge 15% discount on ALL Sarissa Precision single items (whilst stocks last).

New Releases From ESLO: 3D Game Elements for Boardgames

Hello to All!
We have a new online store! (Note: reseller and customer data could not be moved over, so please re-register. There is a €10.00 EUR new registration coupon… but only for a short time!
And we have same new releases:

We have added some new 30 x 30cm boards in different designs: Fantasy Vault, sci-fi, and outdoor.
This is perfect for some boardgames, if you like things a little bit more 3D. The boards have also a grid.

The next releases are some sets for boardgames. We have the first for fantasy and sci-fi games.

Other Releases:
015096 – German house for 15mm or 20mm wargames
0292 – Sci-fi outpost for 28mm (we can do this also for 20mm or 15mm… please contact us)

And Roman roads for 28mm.

Dicey Ventures Running Earth Brewery Kickstarter


In Mid-2016, Dicey Ventures launched a new line of stylized gaming terrain, the Elemental Village. After the launch of our webstore, we held a poll to see what the community wanted to see next, and the Earth Brewery won! Kicking off Wave 2 of the Elemental Village models which will be released throughout 2017, the Brewery fits in well on both chibi boards and wargaming battlegrounds at our new 28mm scale. Instead of resin, the Brewery will be sold as 3D prints, allowing for drastic price reductions from the original Elemental Village Kickstarter campaign, as well as more affordable shipping. Have a 3D printer? Pledge for the STL file and print the Brewery however you’d like. No printer? No problem! Our goal has always been to make the village accessible to every gamer, which has led to the development of our “We’ll Print It For You!” service. This campaign will act as a pilot program for that service, launching in Quarter One of 2017.

New Snowfields Dropfleet Commander Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Third release in a row is a dedication to Dropfleet Commander game. The latest design represents cold, rocky and hostile planet surface. The mat comes in 4x4 size, pvc, cloth or mousepad material options. Needless to say, it follows our way to deliver you the most striking gaming experience. Check it out at our gallery and pick your favorite from the trio!

Tabletop World Posts Watermill Sneak Peek


Hello guys,
Here is a sneak peek of our latest project. For this Christmas we decided to make a Watermill. The model will be highly detailed and full of character. It will be released around November 15.
This is just a "work in progress" picture of the small part of the building. We still have a lot of work to do.