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Tides of Infamy Adventure Board Game On Kickstarter

For thousands of years, the sea has called to certain individuals. There's adventure to be had on them thar waves and many a brave soul have faced all manner of peril in search of their fortunes. Now Gamewalker brings that excitement to your tabletop with Tides of Infamy, their new high-seas adventure board game over on Kickstarter. Will you become the most infamous pirate of them all?

Players play as pirate captains looking to gain the most infamy by the end of the game. How do you do that? Well, by doing what comes naturally to pirates: plunder, smuggle, salvage treasure, raiding enemy ships, and exploring new areas of the vast ocean. Of course, your enemies are all looking to do the same, so you must be wary. Plus, the seas are full of monsters and those settlements aren't going to just lay down and let themselves be run over by pirates. You're gonna have to work for that notoriety!

Board Set Up

The campaign is closing in on being 2x funded and still has 20 days left to go. So be sure to check out the extras and stretch goals.