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Tor Gaming Previews Q4 Releases for Relics

Gavin and Larry (mostly Gavin, Larry just sits around, eating chicken) have been working hard over at Tor Gaming. They have their recently-released Ridend faction that people are picking up. Now they've posted up a couple of new releases they'll be coming out with in the next couple months.

First, the Nuem are getting a new mini. They've long-liked putting themselves within wheeled, ball-shaped contraptions. They continue this style with Auxilium Equites. These bruisers are sent hurtling into battle, crushing whatever gets in their way or simply chopping the enemy up with strategically-placed spikes and blades along their outsides.

Then, the Ridend continue to get bulked up with their Ladies of the Court. Far from the "damsels in distress" that they may seem out on the battlefield, these Ladies have various forms of magic under their control that can quickly shift the tide of battle. And the Ridend are more than happy to protect these fair maidens from harm.