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Trickerion Board Game up on Kickstarter

Mindclash Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new board game, Trickerion. In it, players play as magicians and illusionists looking to be the David Copperfield of them all (he's still a thing, right? I remember watching his specials all the time when I was younger. My sister was a huge fan). The campaign has already passed their funding goal with still 28 days to go.
Though now that I'm thinking about magic, I'm thinking Gob Bluth, and now that I'm thinking Gob Bluth, I'm thinking The Final Countdown...


From the campaign:

Inspired by movies like the Prestige, Now You See Me and the Houdini mini-series, we created a world where magic and illusion are part of people’s everyday lives. Most of the magic tricks in the game are part of the repertoires of real world illusionists, past and present, but a pinch of supernatural was also added to the mix – just so you can never be sure whether those Spiritual tricks are really merely illusions...

Each turn, you will visit Magoria’s various Locations – the Downtown, the Market Row, the Dark Alley and the Theater – to expand your team, learn more and more intricate magic tricks, get components for them, and prepare them in your Workshop. Each turn concludes with a Performance phase in the Theater, when players may perform a breathtaking magic show for Fame points and money. After the sixth Performance phase, the player with the most Fame points wins the game, and becomes the next Legend of Illusion.