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Triple Ace Games announces G-Men & Gangsters Core Setting Book

Triple Ace Games announces their new G-Men & Gangsters Core Setting Book. They are offering some freebies on their website.

From their announcement:

This weeks update is all about freebies! We have a cool freebie for the brand new showdown setting Gmen & Gangsters which contains blank unit cards, Vehicle flats and two new ace tales for this amazing new game!

Download them here!

The second freebie is for All For One. Nestor Rodriguez has submitted this cool character generation cheat sheet to help you build your musketeer heroes.

Download the sheet here!

A Nation Divided! Crime Rampant!
It’s 1936, and America is a land in trouble. The Union is shattered, criminals control many cities, and violence is a way of life. Every day, federal agents from America’s rival nations battle it out against vicious criminal gangs for control of the streets using armored cars, weird science, and excessive firepower.
It’s Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. Which side are you on?
Inside this product you’ll find:
* A history of a divided America.
* Complete setting rules for running urban battles.
* A custom Freak Events Table.
* Scenarios and Ace Tales ready to play off the page.
* Stats for Common Troops, six Good Guy Factions (including the Bureau of Vehicular Crime, Canadian Mounties, and Rocket Rangers), six Bad Guy Factions (including the Chickago Bunnies, Doctor Destructo, and Seven Dragon Brotherhood), and three Neutral Factions.
* Stats for a range of armored and armed vehicles.
* Complete set of unit cards designed for easy reference and play.