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Turn One Gaming Supplies Taking Pre-orders For Space Invaders Dice

Ok, so you defeated one set of aliens that were invading and became Champion, but now there's another set of aliens invading! What's up with that?! Anyway, you'd better defeat these aliens, too. It seems only right.
Turn One Gaming Supplies is happy to announce that they're now taking pre-orders for their new dice game based on the classic video game, Space Invaders. It's Space Invaders Dice!

From the announcement:

Woohoo! We are finally ready to announce our final product in the Space Invaders™ line Space Invaders™ Dice!™ The game will be on store shelves in early May.

The Space Invaders™ are back in a brand new format! Space Invaders™ Dice!™ is a fun fast-paced
tabletop game that plays just like the classic arcade game. Play solo or compete against up to
three friends for the record high-score. Enough reading. Grab your six-sided arsenal and save the
planet before it’s too late!

This is our first board game. We had the pleasure of working with a fantastic veteran designer Daryl Andrews known for Sagarda, Back to the Future: Outatime and the upcoming TMNT game. You can pre-order Space Invaders Dice! with free shipping here.