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Ultra Pro Acquires Rights to Stone Blade Entertainment's Portfolio

As I said, not all the news is happening right on the convention floor. Along with the announcement about Zombicide, there's another partnership agreement to talk about. This time it's Stone Blade Entertainment, makers of Bad Beets and Ascension (among others), and Ultra Pro (you know, the card company that's been around forever it seems). Ultra Pro will be taking over publishing, marketing, and promotion for all of Stone Blade Entertainment's tabletop properties.

"I am very excited to bring our tabletop games to Ultra PRO,” said Justin Gary, CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment. “This partnership allows us to centralize our efforts on designing great games, while utilizing Ultra PRO's huge market presence to reach additional players and grow our existing brands."

"Having such a talented team from Stone Blade Entertainment, with Justin Gary at the helm designing industry-leading brands such as Ascension, is the exact fit for Ultra PRO’s recently formed Entertainment Division,” said Sean Lashgari, Senior Director Entertainment Division, Ultra PRO. “Ultra PRO’s name has been synonymous with quality, innovation and being the world’s leading game accessories manufacturer; the opportunity to leverage this, along with our vast distribution network, to build on an already great portfolio of tabletop games will be tremendous.”

As a self-proclaimed Ascension junkie, I'm very interested to see what this partnership means for the game (I'm rather hopeful).

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