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Upwind RPG Up On Kickstarter

Ages ago, the DownFall caused the world to shatter. Now, adrift in an endless sky, various islands of solid ground hover. Between the skylands, the Kin ply their skyships in the ever-gusting wind. They do a heavy trade in lost technology, all while keeping aware of the Children of the Dark, who inhabit skylands much further down where the light never goes. This is the world of Upwind, a new RPG that's on Kickstarter now.

In the game, players take on the role of Knights of the Explorer's Guild. They are among the legendary elite adventurers whose exploits are told as tales hardly believed for their fantastic details. Duty-bound to the Guild, they will be sent on various missions from protecting trade transports to exploring through the Dark.

The game, itself, using a card-based combat system called Q. It is designed to take care of not just single character interactions, but an entire encounter's worth in a single card play. Using bidding mechanics, you can try and go for even higher degrees of success... as long as the cards are right.

The campaign is doing rather well. They funded rather quickly and are now working on going through stretch goals.