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USAopoly Announces Monster Box of Monsters Expansion for Harry Potter Deck-Building Game

Quite a headline there. But then, items in the Harry Potter tend to have names like that.
Well, you're a wizard in training and you're at what is an exceedingly dangerous school to be learning in. Now, there's even more stuff out to get you with the Monster Box of Monsters expansion for the Harry Potter Deck-Building Game, just announced by USAopoly.

From tne announcement:

HARRY POTTER™: HOGWARTS™ BATTLE game has captured imaginations aplenty since its Gen Con 2016 debut. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that the game which has brought you the joy of exploring the world of Harry and his friends is getting much, much bigger. How much bigger?

Monstrously so.

The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion for HARRY POTTER™: HOGWARTS™ BATTLE deck-building game adds over 150 new cards to your game. You’ll face new adversaries in the form of magical Creatures, each to be handled with care. Undertake new tests of your proficiency by besting Encounters as you fight evil across new Locations.

So much more excitement awaits:

A new hero joins her friends. One of the most magical of wizarding powers makes its deck-building debut. And breaking the rules of HOGWARTS™ has consequences…

The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion is drawing near. Can you hear the Creatures? Are you ready to face them?

This new deck-building challenge gives fans more of what they love, and it’s coming soon to your local game and toy stores!