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Vaettir Brocken Pre-orders and Free Maverick Mike Offer From Tor Gaming

Seems it's just a time for sales and special offers. Tor Gaming has one of those going for the month of May with their Maverick Mike offer. Just spend £40 or more in their webshop and you'll get one for free (be sure to add him to your cart and use the "FREEMIKE" coupon code). How will you get to £40 for your order? Well, you could order some of the new Vaettir Brocken.


These Brocken are the heavy support of the Vaettir. These elementals can shrug off most hits the enemy tries to put on them, making it to their targets and bashing them to pulp. Only with concentrated fire can these walking boulders be taken out. This, the Vaettir use to their advantage, using the Brocken as spearheads and distractions.