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Vesper-On Running Home Raiders 1-1 Scale Game Kickstarter

Vesper-On Games has a brand new game system that they're bringing right into your living room. Home Raiders, which is over on Kickstarter right now, is a game of tiny inter-dimensional creatures invading our universe and battling for supremacy of your coffee table, office desk, or living room rug. Since the models are designed to be played on basically any surface you might have around, you can start playing just wherever you happen to be when you want to start playing (note: some places like "the middle of the street" and "in an active metal refinery" aren't as well-suited to stopping and playing a miniatures game as other places, so take care in choosing your gaming spot).

Vesper-On has made the rules so that they're very simple to pick up and learn. They want Home Raiders to be a game the whole family can get involved in easily. So if you're looking for a gateway game to miniatures for younger siblings, or a friend that might like the idea of minis gaming, but doesn't want to get bogged down with anything complex, this might be one you should look into.

The starter box has quite a lot in it: 14 metal models that are single-piece (so they just need to be attached to the base and you're good to go), 9 ACE dice, wound counters, character cards, and a set of rules.

They've also been busting through stretch goals. My personal favorite addition are the Lords of Dust. I mean, how often do you see a game that includes penguins garbed in the style of ancient Egypt, that are the cause of all the dust you find on your shelves and under your bed?

The campaign is set to run for another 23 days.