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Vul-Con Gladiatorial Arena sneak peek

A preview of one of the game tables for the Vul-Con Gladiatorial Arena has been posted to their website. Gladiatorial Arena From their announcement:
The first of the Ludi Vulcani games for Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 is now complete. Those attending Vul-Con Arena I on April 2nd at Gamer's Inn in Mesa, AZ will be the first to see it in person. It is definitely impressive and the picture below just doesn't give you the true sense of the magnitude of this 5' diameter arena. Playing a game of Gladiator in this arena with 90mm scale gladiators will be a real treat and the top players at Vul-Con Arena I will receive medals at the award ceremony that closes the event. If you haven't pre-registered yet for Arena I, now is your chance. Rush over to to sign up and lock in seats for your favorite games.