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War & Empire Released at Salute

Forged in Battle is looking forward to Salute in just a couple days and would love to see you at the show. Any of you gamers out there interested in 15mm Ancient warfare games should definitely stop by their booth. Their War & Empire range, that they successfully Kickstarted a while ago, is soon to be available to everyone, but those at Salute will be the first to get a chance to pick them up. There's over 1000 different sculpts of minis, as well as resin buildings to check out.

From the announcement:

The Battle draws to an end but the campaign has only just begun! After manufacturing and shipping over 10,000 packs, a quarter of a million miniatures......

War & Empire the 15mm Ancients range we took to Kickstarter over a year ago is coming.


- 22 Brand New 15mm Ancients Armies....that's over a 1000 new sculpts in 167 packs.
- Six full colour Core Starter Army boxes to play War & Empire
- A whole host of lovely Resin Buildings