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Warlord Games Bolt Action releases

Warlord Games have new Bolt Action releases for Germany and France.

From their website:

Adding fire power to your German forces are these two-man teams armed with MG34 light machine guns. Suitable for early and mid war especially, these will provide great support for the forces of the Third Reich.

Further build your Early War collection with a German Rifle Squad. Full squad consists of 2 NCOs with MP38 Sub Machine Guns, 2-man MG34 LMG team, 6 riflemen, plus an anti-tank rifleman.

Of course, you’ll also need something to paint your new soldats with! Here’s our Early War German paint set to get your troops done and on the battlefield!

Early War German paint set

• German Tankcrew II – Field Grau (Vallejo Panzer Aces 335): Tunic (can also be used for trousers)
• London Grey (Vallejo 836): Trousers
• Black (Vallejo 950): Webbing and boots
• Khaki (Vallejo 998): Breadbag
• German Camo Dark Green (Vallejo 979): Helmet, tunic collar, epaulettes and gasmask container
• Flat Earth (Vallejo 983): Canteen
• Green Grey (Vallejo 886): Gas Cape pouch

Don't forget that shipping is just £1 GBP per order - or completely free worldwide if you spend over £50 GBP!

French commanders rejoice – your salvation is at hand! The Char B1 bis will help you to drive the Boche panzers from our homeland! Remastered and re-released in resin, this great model is once again available in the Warlord webstore.

The Char B1 bis was an upgraded variant of the Char B1 with thicker armour and an APX4 turret with a longer-barrelled (L/32) 47 mm SA 35 gun, to give the tank real anti-tank capacity. It was the main production type from 8th April 1937 until June 1940.

With the fall of France the victorious German invaders captured plenty of Char B1 bis tanks and put them to good use in their own forces under the nomenclature Panzerkampfwagen B-2 740 (f). Several were also converted into flammpanzers.

The Char B1 bis is now a predominantly resin model and comes with a French tank commander model with separate head. You’ll see French tank crew being released by us in the not-too-distant future…

The R39 is a variant of the Renault R35 but armed with the heavier 37mm SA38 L/33 gun allowing it to operate in an anti-tank capacity.

The model comes with a tank commander and is based on the standard R35 hull.

The Renault R40 or Char léger modèle 1935 R modifié 1939 was an improvement of the Renault R35, of which it is often considered a variant. The main improvement was the suspension, which was influenced by that on the early Char D1 and D2 designs.

Whilst predominantly serving with French untis, the R40 also saw service as part of the Polish 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade in 1940, so this new vehicle should appeal to Polish players too!

Also available are the R35 and the R35 platoon deal – designed to save you a few Francs!

Or, for something rather different look no further than our spiffing P16 Schneider half track!