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Warmill taking the elevated road to Crisis

Warmill will be making their way to Crisis and are going to be bringing their elevated road system with them.

From the update:

Warmill is heading to Antwerp for Crisis 2012, where we will be releasing our new ELMOR system, the Elevated Modular Road for 28mm sci-fi games.

Made from laser-cut MDF, the ELMOR is sturdy, can be assembled without glue, and features removable barriers and road surfaces for complete flexibility in-game. Each individual straight section measures 225mm long by 125mm wide, and the largest set contains 4.5 feet of road in straights alone! The low level set will soon be followed by the sky-level set and will be completely compatible with it. The low-level sets are available now for pre-order to be shipped November 8th.

To celebrate it's release, we will have a small number of sets available at Crisis before the official release date, where we will be offering a 10% discount on all our products!