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Warning Order Issue 47 Now Available

I did say it was a good time to get your hands on a gaming magazine, and I wasn't kidding. Warning Order, created by the Wasatch Front Historical Gaming Society has issue 47 available now. For those of you that are historical minis gaming enthusiasts, it's one you shouldn't miss out (not least of which because it's free to get the .pdf of it).

In this issue:

This issue features

To Naples: A fictional Renaissance Campaign
General d’Armee: Battle Report
Kings of War Historical: Detailed Look
2 Engagement Scenarios
Saga: Saxons vs. Romans in Belgium
Warmaster Ancients: Romans vs. Seleucids

Plus the regular columns of:
Editorial : Dead Rules
Game Review: Panzer Battles: 11th Panzer on the Chir River, 878 Vikings by Academy Games, Holland ‘44 by GMT Games, Men of Iron Vol IV: Arquebus by GMT Games, The African Campaign by Compass Games
Teaching the Next Generation by Rob Coleman
Memoirs of a Miniatures & Board Wargamer Part 34
Blast From The Past Pt. 33: The Starforce Trilogy
Looking Back to 1977-Celebrating 40 Years in the Hobby