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WizKids Posts New Thor Dice Masters Preview

The Dice Masters train keeps rolling along. The game is going to be getting a new set soon based on one of the popular Marvel Avengers characters. It's Thor, god of thunder (and rock and roooooooll!!). But he's hardly the only character coming in the set. Who else can you expect to see? Well, check out the new preview that WizKids posted and see for yourself.

From the post:

Welcome back, Dice Masters fans!

This is Part Three of our look at cards from the newest Dice Masters set – Marvel Dice Masters: The Mighty Thor, flying into stores in early 2018! You can find the links to the first two articles here and here, where we looked at the new Earth X super rares. You can always keep up with our latest Dice Masters articles here.

Today, we will take a close look at Malekith: King of the Dark.