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WizKids Previews D&D Attack Wing Rage of Demons Month 3 OP Kit

As I mentioned earlier, WizKids like to reward players for going to their events. And everyone loves to get special gear and models and such. Well, besides HeroClix, WizKids also has an organized play kit for Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing coming out. Today they give us a little look inside and see what's going on.

It's monsters in this preview. I hope nobody's got arachnophobia, since one of the two is a Drider. You know, what happens when you make a centaur version of a person and a spider. Because that's not creepy. But then again, I guess creepiness is in the eye of the beholder. Speaking of eyes and Beholders... (see what I did there?) that's the other figure we get a look at (well, the stat card, anyway). More than just a Beholder, this one's a Shadow Beholder. It's still got plenty of different eye rays it can attack you with, as well as a nasty bite.

Be sure to check with your gaming shop or event organizer to see when and were you can participate in the Rage of Demons organized play events.