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You Could Win over £800 of DreadBall

Mantic Games wants to give you free stuff. Do you want free stuff from Mantic Games? Of course you want free stuff from Mantic Games! Everyone wants free stuff from Mantic Games! They're having a special contest over on their website where you could win £800 of DreadBall stuff (for American readers, the "win 800 pounds" is a measure of monitory value and not an indication of weight. 800 pounds of DreadBall would be more than £800).

The prize pack includes:
– Limited Edition DreadBall Azure Forest, which includes the Season 1 rulebook and Azure Forest supplement.
– DreadBall Two, Four, Five and Six Season Books
– DreadBall Ultimate, which includes Season 3 rulebook, 4 giants and multiplayer pitch
– Gruba-tek VII Coliseum Deluxe DreadBall Gaming Pitch
– Cheerleaders, coaches and fans
– DreadBall Xtreme
– DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual
– DreadBall Xtreme Xpansion
– PLUS one of EVERY Team and MVP up until the end of Season 6.

Getting your name in the hat is pretty easy. All you have to do is sign up for the Mantic Newsletter.